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What is CD Mastering

CD Mastering Includes (But Is Not Limited To) the Following:

Mastering Points

  • To obtain a polished sound in line with commercial record releases.
  • Make tracks sit side-by-side.
  • Brings balance to uneven acoustics.
  • Sound recorded in a flawed acoustic environment can be treated.
  • Mastering offers overall consistency between different studio / location recordings.
  • Initial perception of sound can be skewed by different rooms and monitors, and this can be revealed during the mastering process and therefore corrected.
  • Professional mix engineers also send their pre-mastered mixes to a mastering house prior to pressing and releasing commercially.

Important Mastering Hints

  • Ensure that you have decided and finalised your track order in advance of the mastering process, as this will save both time and cost.
  • Note that gaps / timings between songs also need attention; in order that they sound right.
  • Consider the energy of each song and how the album should ebb and flow, as well as how every track relates to the others.
  • If you are trying to emulate a certain sound or indeed one of your favourite artists, then it may be an idea to bring a couple of CD examples with you to use as a measuring exercise. This will also give the mastering engineer a good indication of what you are trying to achieve. Please do however consider the fact that an internationally renowned recording artist may spend up to £300,000 making an album, so please be realistic with regard to quality.
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